Coppersmith Inn Bed and Breakfast in Galveston, TX.

You and your loved one are invited to stay at our Inn for a most romantic and memorable stay. The following are suggestions for your special night. You can have it all or any single part you want.

1. For Honeymooners, enjoy a Jacuzzi for two, and up-to-date movies in the Carriage House. A full country breakfast will be brought to your room on the first morning.

2. For Anniversaries and Honeymoons, Dinner in the evening on your own at one of Galveston's many fine restaurants. Casual attire is the norm in Galveston, however you can be dressed up in the finer restaurants. (We can make your reservation if they take one. Some do not).

3. When you return from dinner, take a one-hour turn of the century narrated carriage ride around the Strand and East End Historic districts by James Coffman owner and driver of Coffman Carriages with seventeen years of experience. He will bring the carriage to the Coppersmith Inn, pick you up and return you. The cost paid directly to the carriage driver is $75.00 by check or cash. A tip is appropriate. We will make the reservation for you. A cancellation of one week is required.

4. "Romantic Evening Package." Return to your room from dinner or the carriage ride and soft romantic music will be playing as you enter the room with gently flickering voltives candles in the dark. A silver tray on the table with chocolate dipped strawberries, and assorted chocolates, a chilled bottle of champagne or sparkling non-alcoholic drink. $40.00


A BIRTHDAY GETAWAY? We can furnish a bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries $20.00 or the “Romantic Evening Package” $40.00 or a carriage ride $75.00. We need to know when booking the room.

A FUN DAY GETAWAY? We can help plan an itinerary for the day.

A BEACH DAY GETAWAY? We can furnish beach towels and a picnic lunch $25.00. We need to know when booking the room.

AN HISTORIC DAY GETAWAY? We can help plan an itinerary.

Over 100 years ago visitors arrived at the Carnes home by horse drawn carriage, pulling up to the curb, and stepping out onto the buggy step. Today you can recreate this experience with an evening ride in a turn of the century carriage driven by James Coffman owner and driver of Coffman Carriages with seventeen years of experience. Explore the romantic and historical beauty of the area from the vantage point of those travelers that came before you. Reserve your ride at the time of the reservation.


Single Carriage with two adults $75.00, or two adults and two children $100.00, or four adults $125.00. For groups we can provide three carriages.


A carriage or carriages can be provided for going to a wedding from the Coppersmith Inn or coming from a wedding for your honeymoon. Prices will be quoted individually.


Dinner rides will be to a restaurant of your choice that can be reached by carriage and returned to the Coppersmith Inn. The driver will pick you up at the Coppersmith Inn take you to a restaurant, and then return in an hour or hour and a half to pick you up to return you to the Coppersmith Inn. Prices will be quoted individually.

The Coppersmith Inn provides you an economical alternative for your wedding. We make available the parlor, dining room, and garden for a fee, and you provide all the wedding necessities. We are able to accommodate a single couple or a party up to 25 reasonably comfortable. At least one member of the wedding party must have a TWO-NIGHT reservation at the prevailing rate for the room chosen. The cost to use the following facilities are: a single couple in the parlor or garden, no charge; a group up to 25 for a one-hour stand-up wedding in the parlor and dining room or garden, $100.00; a group up to 25 for a three-hour stand-up wedding and reception in the parlor and dining room or garden $300.00; The Coppersmith Inn is only providing the facilities, all other needs preacher, photographer, caterer, flowers, utensils and clean up must be supplied by you. You can caterer it yourself if you would like, or we can provide a list of services that you can use. Rental for a catered luncheon or dinner for a group of 10 is $300.00. This would have to be provided by a professional caterer and would have the use of the kitchen to prepare the food. They would have to bring their own stove, dishes, glasses, and utensils. An additional 15% tax will be collected for the city and state.


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Coppersmith Inn Bed and Breakfast in Galveston, TX.

The Coppersmith Inn is an outstanding location for romantic wedding pictures. With semi tropical grounds for outdoor shots, an 1887 Victorian home with gingerbread trim, double verandah, turret tower, spectacular winding staircase of teak, walnut and curly pine highlighted by stained glass and ornate newel post. There are large windows with original glass, and exquisite heirloom antiques. Guests staying at the Coppersmith Inn would have free access to their room, the parlor, staircase, and grounds for their pictures. Non-guests would have a fee of $100.00 per hour with a minimum of one-hour for access to one room to dress and photograph, the parlor, staircase and the grounds.

Coppersmith Inn Bed and Breakfast in Galveston, TX.

Coppersmith Inn Bed & Breakfast
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