Our First Year

NOLA Oct 2020

As we look back on our first year of running the B&B, Derick and I are amazed at how fast the time flew. We have been riding the same rollercoaster as everyone else, trying to navigate and plan the best we can one day at a time. While COVID-19 has deeply impacted travel, we look toward the future with hope and confidence that with time, travel and tourism will resume with a renewed enthusiasm. Despite COVID’s impact, we consider ourselves blessed to have hosted as many guests as we have had throughout our first year. During this pandemic, we have found that guests prefer staying in smaller venues, which has put B&Bs at the top of the list.
Stay small, stay safe, stay Inn!

Throughout this first year, we have began our process of restoring the beautiful Victorian Inn. Thus far we have been able to completely restore one guest room (The Cottage) and have almost completed our dining room. After Hurricane Laura, we have shifted our direction to the exterior of the home; replacing shutters, gutters, painting, adding lattice around the house as well as insulating our floors and adding support beams where needed. Alongside our exterior restorations, we are updating our 3rd floor living quarters, as well as updating our second floor guest accommodations.

Our Landscaping plans. Completion forecasted to be Spring or Summer 2021.

We were lucky to be featured in October’s Coast Monthly!

We have added special occasion packages to our reservation platform as well as our very own 16 oz coffee mug for sale to help commemorate your visit with us!