About Us

Theressa & Derick have sold the Inn October 28th, 2022.

After growing up in a small town in Nebraska and traveling around the world in the Navy, I never imagined that one day I would be lucky enough to own a Bed and Breakfast with my husband in Galveston. Derick, coming from a small town in Tennessee, moved to Galveston after spending four years in Houston following his graduation from U of H. Little did we know, but as fate would have it, that he and I would both move to Galveston and work at the same hotel. When we met, I was working in hospitality at the Tremont House hotel over the past three years. What started off as a work friendship quickly became more, with an engagement following six months after meeting.  

Derick and I lived for almost two years in a beautiful condo in the old Telephone building here in Galveston. After our wedding, in 2018, we began planning our future family and realized we needed a larger house to raise a family in. We passed by the Coppersmith Inn regularly during bike rides, and were always enamored with the ornate woodwork and Victorian charm of the house, as well as the beautifully preserved wildlife on this side of M street. Realizing the incredible opportunity the Inn presented, Derick and I decided that the purchase of the Inn would be the perfect way for me to continue and expand my career in hospitality, and a great adventure for the both of us. After our short time as the owners of the Coppersmith, we know we made the right choice. With our sizable guest list and high return rates, we have met so many interesting, kind, and memorable people, along with some lifelong friends.


A veteran, Theressa served 9 years in the Navy, while earning her B.S. in Investigations, and graduating summa cum laude. She has been stationed in various places around the world including, Japan, Spain, and Guantanamo Bay. Experiencing so many different cultures during her time served sparked a love of travel and tourism, and she continues to scan the globe in anticipation for her next adventure. Derick graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston, earning a B.S. in Business Management. He recently completed his master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is currently employed by American Bath Group. When we are not working, we enjoy being active at the gym or outdoors and if at home you’ll find us entertaining our cats Neo, Lucky and Lilly.

Jokulsarlon, Iceland

In August 2021, we welcomed our first child, Julian Stonecipher.

Baby Julian